Visual Experimentation

This "Lab" is a Pandora's box where I put lots of things that I cannot really place into a specific category: design experiments, animation intents and other items I do in my spare time. With this, I keep developing, learning new skills and having fun.



Travel Icons

A set of icons I have designed for a traveling app concept. Just basic line icons. You can download them here. There are some more coming soon. 




Posters personas

I recently followed an online course with Olimpia Zagnoli called Boldly Design with Colour and Shape. I decided to create/illustrate some personas for one of my clients, putting into practice the things that I learnt. Notice I am not an illustrator at all, but I really enjoyed working on this project. The client was happy with the outcome.




Sound animations

Some animations result of experimentation with After Effects. I love motion graphics. Some years ago I was working mainly in this field. So I try to create little animations every time and again, just to practice.