Localization Hub

A l o ca i is a platform that makes easier the localization process of any prodcut but specially of video games.


Product: Alocai´╗┐

Skills: UX UI Designer

Time: One year project (2019-2020)

Design Challenge: Design a platform that connects all the parts involved in the localization process of video games.


Localization of products is a very tedious and sometimes complicated process. There are no tools at the moment that provide all the features required in this process. Different tools, software and communication channels are required. That is why the idea came to life to create a platform that will connect all parts involved and will make possible the localization process from the beginning to end only using products.


  • Research, interviews, surveys all related to users
  • Develop designs according to the scope of each part of the project
  • Define the Information architecture and user flows
  • Build a Design System that would ensure consistency across the product. 
  • Design of pages inside the product and their content.
  • Testing and plan of new iterations

The platform aims to simplify video game localization, eliminating the need for multiple tools. Through more than 50 interviews performed, I gained insight into the role of Project Managers and clients and how they use various tools in daily activities.

I conducted over 50 interviews to understand how Project Managers and clients utilize various tools in daily activities. With half of the final users in the same building, I took advantage of the opportunity to conduct preliminary research and regularly test designs with them.



Some of the Jobs to be done:

  • As a client, I want to submit a game for translation in the simplest way possible so I can get it back done quickly and easily.
  • As a project manager, I want to use a single tool to communicate with clients and receive all documents so I can increase my efficiency.
  • I want to assign translations to translators so that I can complete the job quickly.
  • As a translator, I want a centralized platform for translation and communication so I can enhance my efficiency and take jobs more often.

The Team met several times to define the MVP and next iterations. These modules were decided:



This is only a sneak peek of the design system that was develop along with the screens for the platform. To see more screens or get more info, please get in touch.

Design system

A design system was built along with the design of all components, modules and pages.


This is only a sneak peek of the design system that was develop along with the screens for the platform. To see more screens or get more info, please get in touch.


I frequently utilize a plugin named Spectral for specifications and spacing. Additionally, I create detailed instructions outlining the interaction of each element within the interface. The Figma Inspect tab is also utilized regularly by the development team. The seamless integration of these tools has proven to be well-received by the team.


Each of the six modules was tested with final users, iterated, and improved. The process was greatly facilitated by having the entire team in-house.


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